Ojai Yoga Crib this October

For those of you who might be interested in learning more of the understanding behind Classical acupuncture medicine as rooted in Daoist thought, here are class descriptions of what I will be presenting at the Ojai Yoga Crib this October. These classes will not be about disease and treatment. I think of them more as the anatomy and physiology of human energetics.

For information on the Yoga Crib itself please go to www.lulubandhas.com

Thursday Immersion 9:30 to 4:30- The Spirit in acupuncture. Exploring the Daoist roots of Classical Chinese Medicine

What is a human being and what does it mean to live a human life? Following this theme we will look at the acupuncture channel systems as a continuum, as the Dao, or the ‘Way’ that we travel the pathways of our life and how we are conducting the issues rooted within the channels themselves.

The acupuncture channels course through our bodies to interconnect all dimensions of our being, to link us to the outer world, and to resonate within us the rhythms of Nature. We will explore the channels as road maps representing the External, Internal, and Constitutional terrain we are traveling. The natural flow along these pathways, exhibited by our movement, is our normal physiology. Disruptions of this flow are the beginnings of stagnation’s which can lead to pathologies and illness. To be able move freely with what is happening now, not back to some fondly remembered previous state, is to be healthy. In this sense health is liberation. So finally, our channels represent our personal evolution, that is our transformational movement. They can teach us the ‘Way’ to transcend , to accept and move with the path we are on. In this way they can become our method of self cultivation.

Saturday AM- The Unfolding of Life. Acupuncture’s Understanding of the Seven Cycles of a Human Life

Staying with the theme ‘what is it to live a human life’ this class will continue looking at the constitutional level and how Classical Chinese Medicine believes that, much like DNA, a large portion of who we are is born into us and unfolds through stages of life. Birth, growth and development, maturity, and aging all proceed along what acupuncturist refer to as the cycles of 7 and 8. That is 7, 7 year cycles for women and 8 year cycles for men. Our awareness of these bodily transitions are rooted on our Po- the ‘physical’ or ‘animal’ aspect of our soul.

In this class we will look at the themes associated with each Po age or lesson, the organ pairs these lessons are rooted in, and the acupuncture points we can use to bring our awareness to the relevant level. These lessons can become challenges in our life, and if we are unable to ‘graduate’, or come to a completion with them they can lead to a state of stagnation or consumption and become the beginnings of illness and disease.

Saturday PM- An Acupuncture Energetic Creation Myth Embodied in Each of Us

In this class we will move from constitutional (Pre Natal) energetics and examine what it means being born into the world as an individual and the activation of our Post Natal energetics. Here we will look at the 12 Mu, or ‘Collection’ points on the front of the torso that are the pooling of the Essences of the 12 internal organs. As we emerge form the womb and a state of oneness, severing our support from the navel with our first breath our Post Natal energetics are awakened and activated establishing the circulations of our separate individual life. By following the creation cycle of the 5 Elemental Phases and examining the Classical names of the Mu points we will tell the Daoist mythology story of the embodiment of the Spirit. This teaches us the internal energetic vectors of the organs and establishes what the Daoist refer to as the sacred geometry of the body. In acupuncture this understanding becomes the basis of point palpation and abdominal massage. In the second half of the class we will practice self or partner abdominal acupressure as an application of this learning.

Sunday AM- Daoist Qi Gong

This class will be a Qi Gong, or Qi cultivation practice. We will give an overview of Qi Gong and then practice postures that come from the Hua Shanpriests called Tai Yu Shen Gong,or Grand Chaos Shen (Spirit) Cultivation. This class will be practical in nature.