Establishing a Qi Gong Practice

Over the course of the year, beginning with the Autumn Equinox, we will meet eight times to learn foundation practices, Qi Gong ‘sets’, and a selection of individual Qi Gong movements. These will include sitting, standing, and moving forms. All practices will be presented from the perspective of the energetics of Classical Chinese Medicine. Each meeting will be 3 hours with 30 to 40 minutes of lecture and the remainder of the time devoted to practice.

The traditional Chinese calender is a combination of a Lunar (Yin) and Solar (Yang) reckoning. The Solar calender is devided into 24 ‘Nodes’ of approximately 15 days each. Each Node is a description of the shifting balance of seasonal Yin Yang energies during the course of the year. The Autumn and Spring Equinox and the Winter and Summer Solstice nodes are viewed as the midpoint of the season and taken together they are referred to as the 4 Pivots. Some traditional acupuncturists recommend treatment at these times to ensure that the internal energies shift in accordance with the seasonal transition.

In addition, 6 weeks prior to each Pivot is the Qi Node named Autumn.., Winter.., Spring.., Summer… Begins. When the 4 Beginnings and the 4 Pivots are combined they are referred to as the Mysterious Gates, and their YinYang movement corresponds to the 8 Trigrams of the YI Jing. To understand the Qi movement of the seasonal node via the Yi Jing you double the corresponding Trigram and read the resultant Hexagram. For instance, the Trigram Dui corresponds to the Qi Node Autumn Equinox. Doubling the Trigram gives Hexagram 58, Pleasuring, of the Yi Jing, and reading this Hexagram gives insight into this seasonal transformation.

We will begin our series Sunday, September 23rd, from 10:00 to 1:00 during the Autumn Equinox Qi Node. This is one of the 4 Pivots that rectify the annual Qi, where Yin and Yang are equal and Yang is receding and Yin is beginning to take charge. Yin represents the interior and this inner movement is an appropriate time to begin a practice of self cultivation.

It is our sincere hope that through this course you will develop your own Qi Gong routine which will help promote and maintain your own health and sense of well being. Our approach to Qi Gong is in the spirit of the Daoist practices referred to as Yang Sheng, i.e. Nourishing Life. These are lifestyle practices to promote health and longevity. They include meditation, exercise, and diet (or in Daoist terms sitting, moving, and eating) and emphasize living in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of the human body and the natural world that gave birth to it.This is known as the Great Way (Dao).

The course will be $30 per session or $200.00 in advance. Classes will be on Sundays and at each meeting the date of the next session will be announced. To register call or email Shaitsu Rincon.

Practices we cover will include:

Zhan Zhuang- Embracing the Tree

Xiao Zhou Tian- Small Heavenly Cycle

Ba Duan Jin- 8 Pieces of Brocade

Tai Ji Qi Gong- A Qi Gong flow incorporating the movements of the 8 Brocades

Tai Ji Quan- Selected forms

Tai Yu Shen Gong- Grand Chaos Spirit Gong- Selected forms

***The second session will be held on November 4th.  We look forward to seeing you.


  1. Good day.
    I hope this letter finds you in fine spirits.
    I greatly enjoyed the sincerity of your website,
    and the spirit that shines through.
    I wish you the best in your teaching and also in your success.
    I am a student and teacher of Taoist Yoga and Meditation.
    I have been doing personal research into the application
    of the 24 nodes, especially the 8 Gates.
    I was very happy and excited to see your explanation
    of the correlation between the 8 Gates and the 8 Trigrams.
    I quickly began working on a diagram of these correlations.
    I would like to humbly ask if it would be possible to have further discussion
    on this subject via email, and also I would like to share the diagram I
    constructed, and receive your feedback.
    There are not many people who are practicing these arts,
    so please forgive my forward nature.
    I just become excited at times over these subjects.
    Thank you for your time.
    Sending my very best.
    Sincerely, Jesse