Establishing a Qi Gong Practice

Over the course of the year, beginning with the Autumn Equinox, we will meet eight times to learn foundation practices, Qi Gong ‘sets’, and a selection of individual Qi Gong movements. These will include sitting, standing, and moving forms. All practices will be presented from the perspective of the energetics of Classical Chinese Medicine. Each meeting will be 3 hours with 30 to 40 minutes of lecture and the remainder of the time devoted to practice.

The traditional Chinese calender is a combination of a Lunar (Yin) and Solar (Yang) reckoning. The Solar calender is devided into 24 ‘Nodes’ of approximately 15 days each. Each Node is a description of the shifting balance of seasonal Yin Yang energies during the course of the year. The Autumn and Spring Equinox and the Winter and Summer Solstice nodes are viewed as the midpoint of the season and taken together they are referred to as the 4 Pivots. Some traditional acupuncturists recommend treatment at these times to ensure that the internal energies shift in accordance with the seasonal transition.

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Shiatsu Rincon

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