In the serenity of the canyon, in the quiet of the bath, relax, rejuvenate

Private Japanese Bath - Shiatsu Massage/Accupressure - Acupuncture - Chinese Herbal Medicine

Shiatsu is a Japanese style acupressure massage of the major acupuncture channels of the body. It is very helpful in removing stagnation or blocks and helping to restore the smooth flow of chi or life energy through the body. It is rooted in Chinese Medicine which treats the body, mind and spirit as one integrated whole. The most frequent comment we get from our clients is that they feel renewed and much more energized following the treatment.

We have a private room with a Japanese bath in a garden setting.

The Japanese bath is based on the age old ritual of rinsing with buckets of water to wash away the day accumulations followed by a hot soak in the tub to further purify and renew body, mind and spirit.